Spring activities

Spring is the best time of year for taking part in workshops due to the ideal weather conditions. The principal workshops on offer are An Introduction to Ornithology, Bird Nestboxes, and Nature Photography, as well as year-round activities such as horse riding and archery.

Bird Nestboxes and Introduction to Ornithology workshops

A nestbox is an artificial structure which can be used by birds that nest in tree or rock cavities. Nest boxes are placed for a variety of local bird species that are threatened to varying degrees and are beneficial to humans (tits, Wood nuthatches, Eurasian wrynecks, Short-toed treecreepers, Old World flycatchers, robins, Black redstarts, Scops owls, Little owls, Brown owls, Common kestrels, European rollers, hoopoes, Stock doves etc.). However they are often occupied by opportunist bird species which have the option of nesting elsewhere (mainly sparrows or European starlings).