The sanctuary

Paller Sanctuary is a historic building built between 1747 and 1748, set in the village of Bagà in the county of Berguedà. The original sanctuary was situated at Paller de Dalt’s farmhouse, or masia, where there are still remnants of the church first mentioned in the year 1200 and which drew a large number of devotees. The early church, which fell under the protection of Bagà monastery, underwent rebuilding in 1687. Today’s church was built in 1747 according to the plans of Francesc Morato in the small locality of Paller de Baix, two kilometres from Bagà, in a friendly, quiet and serenely beautiful setting near Font dels Banyadors or “Bather’s Spring” (also known as Santa Maria dels Banyadors). Here it was customary for devotees to bathe in the springs and take away water considered to be miraculous.

From 1772 the sanctuary was decorated with altars and altarpieces that were nearly destroyed in 1936. However restoration work is currently being carried out on paintings that adorn the walls and the vault, as well as on the magnificent Baroque altarpiece that graces the main altar.

The church consists of a single nave constructed in neo-classical style with a barrel vault, while the structure and ornamentation of the altarpiece itself is typical of the Baroque period, and features a remarkable image of the Virgin Mary in a neo-classical style which would have been the focal point of the devotion of the inhabitants of the Bastareny river valley. The feast day celebrating the Virgin Mary of Paller takes place on the first Sunday of September.

Nowadays, a picnic area can be found adjacent to the sanctuary and there is also a restaurant.

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